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понедельник, 26 февраля 2018 г.

Michael Coleman - Do Your Thing!

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2000
Time: 65:58
Size: 151,1 MB
Label: Delmark
Styles: Blues/Chicago Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. The Train - 4:38
 2. Help Me - 6:42
 3. Message of Love - 4:07
 4. Cold, Cold Feeling - 5:20
 5. Do Your Thing! - 7:25
 6. Messin' With The Kid - 3:15
 7. You Don't Have to Go - 7:36
 8. Black Magic Woman - 4:52
 9. Let's Straighten it Out - 6:18
10. Dock of the Bay - 5:03
11. Tin Pan Alley - 6:36
12. Breakfast in Bed - 4:00

One of the hottest guitar slingers in Chicago,  Michael   Coleman  hits with his debut American release. In '79, at the age of 23,  Michael  joined James Cotton's band and stayed with him for seven years including two recording projects. Since then he's worked with Eddy Clearwater, recorded with Syl Johnson and has had several European albums of his own. The songs on this CD reflect Michael's varied influences; from Junior Wells' "Messin' With The Kid" to Isaac Hayes' " Do   Your   Thing " to Jimi Hendrix's "Message of Love". Do Your  Thing ! is Michael's blues party record. With the raucous, kick-butt opener, "The Train", the groove is set.  Michael  then proceeds to blend tried and true lyrics with fresh arrangements to present a mix of traditional blues and rockin' soul that's sure to please. Long-time guitar-playing member of James Cotton's band is presenting his first American release. Funky and soulful blues from Chicago.

Do Your Thing!

четверг, 22 февраля 2018 г.

Philipp Fankhauser - Talk To Me

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2004
Time: 41:26
Size: 95,2 MB
Label: Memphis International Records
Styles: Chicago Blues/Rhythm & Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Ain't Gonna Give It Up - 3:08
 2. Cut Off My Right Arm - 4:30
 3. Members Only - 4:58
 4. Talk to Me - 4:00
 5. Home Town (Thun) - 4:21
 6. Flyin' High (Yesterday) - 3:01
 7. Welcome to the Real World - 4:21
 8. Who's Gonna Sing the Blues for You? - 5:00
 9. Going to Dallas - 3:31
10. Down in the Valley - 4:32

Philipp Fankhauser unterschreibt einen Plattenvertrag mit Memphis International Records. Das Album “Talk To Me” kommt im Mai 2004 weltweit in die Laden. Es kriegt grossartige Besprechungen und gutes Radio-Airplay an US-College Radiostationen, in Kanada, Frankreich, Italien, Deutschland, Japan, Grossbritannien, Russland und in der Schweiz.

Talk To Me

среда, 7 февраля 2018 г.

Don Nix - Back To The Well

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1994
Time: 46:22
Size: 109,0 MB
Label: Icehouse Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Goin' Down The Road To Memphis - 3:54
 2. Waiting For The Help - 3:08
 3. Plastic Flowers - 3:45
 4. Angel Tears - 4:49
 5. Easy Street - 4:33
 6. Out On The Road Again - 3:33
 7. Fool's Paradise - 3:14
 8. Too Dumb - 3:09
 9. Moon Madness - 2:51
10. Dance Chaney Dance - 4:11
11. Cruise Control - 3:56
12. Jerimiah Gage - 5:15

Author of the blues classic "Going Down," Don Nix is one of the more obscure figures in Southern soul and rock. As a producer he has worked with Freddie King, Jeff Beck, and Furry Lewis, among others; as an artist, he has released solo albums on Shelter and Elektra, as well as smaller labels like Icehouse.
Born in Memphis, Nix attended Messick High School with Donald "Duck" Dunn and Steve Cropper of the famed Stax house band Booker T. & the MG's. After graduation, Nix spent a short stint in the Army before returning to Memphis, where he joined Dunn and Cropper, along with Wayne Jackson, Packy Axton, Terry Johnson, and Smoochy Smith, as a saxophonist in the Mar-Keys.
The group scored a smash hit with the instrumental "Last Night" on the Satellite label (later Stax/Volt), and Nix went on the road with the group, while a house band from Memphis attempted to recorded follow-up hits under the Mar-Keys' name.
After the success of "Last Night" fizzled, Nix returned to Memphis and spent the next several years as a horn for hire, occasionally playing gigs with a re-formed version of the Mar-Keys or backing Stax stars such as William Bell and Carla Thomas.
In the mid-'60s, Nix began making trips to L.A. to visit Leon Russell and Carle Radle, friends he'd met through touring. The friendship with Russell, a big producer at the time, landed Nix a position in Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars backing one of Russell's acts, Gary Lewis & the Playboys. Their friendship also provided Nix the opportunity to see how a session was put together, and he began engineering and producing at studios around Memphis such as Stax and Ardent.
Living by the DaysNix spent the next several years writing and producing for artists such as Freddie King, Albert King, Sid Selvidge, and Charlie Musselwhite. In 1970, he signed a recording deal with Shelter Records (co-owned by his old friend Leon Russell) and released a solo album, In God We Trust and followed it a year later with Living by the Days. Neither album sold very well, and after a few more attempts, Nix returned to recording other artists, producing records for John Mayall and the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section.
After having been absent from record industry throughout most of the '80s, Nix relocated to Nashville and began writing and producing again. He published a book about his experiences titled Road Stories & Recipes, and re-recorded many of his classic tracks with musicians such as Brian May and Steve Cropper for 2002's nostalgic Going Down. He followed this with I Don't Want No Trouble in 2006, and Passing Through -- both on his Section Eight Productions label -- and in 2009, he released Hobos, Heroes and Street Corner Clowns for Concord's revitalized Stax imprint. In 2013, Real Gone Music reissued Living by the Days.

Back To The Well

вторник, 6 февраля 2018 г.

Buddy Flett - Mississippi Sea

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2007
Time: 51:00
Size: 118,2 MB
Label: Out of the Past
Styles: Louisiana Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Baby's Back In Town - 4:09
 2. Done Somebody Wrong - 3:39
 3. I Hear You Callin' - 3:50
 4. Mississippi Sea - 4:55
 5. Stoner Hill - 5:53
 6. Hideaway - 3:45
 7. Dance For Me - 3:25
 8. Mama's Kitchen - 4:02
 9. Run For The Levee - 5:36
10. Linin' Track - 2:32
11. What Have I Done - 5:35
12. Don't You Lie To Me - 3:35

Buddy Flett is a storyteller. Laboring on as a regional sensation for over 36 years, Fletts stock rose in the international market last year with the huge success of Kenny Wayne Sheperds Ten Days Out: Blues From the Backroads album in which he and Kenny played the AAA-radio success Honky Tonk. Thriving on this new found popularity, Flett produced this CD with Steve Howell and what we get is a talking book of musical influence from the South.
Flett throughout the 12 tracks (9 of which are Fletts own) of this disc blends country & western, country blues, ragtime, blues-rock, and singer-songwriter-like storytelling of how the South was and is for him throughout his life. Kenny Wayne Shepherd makes a guest appearance on the highly touted Flett tune I Hear Ya Callin but for the most part the arrangements are laid bare with just Flett and some minor accompaniment.
The first track Babys Back In Town blurs the lines between country & western and country blues, showing that indeed a bluesman taught Hank Williams Sr. and probably Jimmy Rogers how to play guitar and sing songs about everyday people and their troubles. Done Somebody Wrong is Fletts interpretation of another slide guitar giant; Elmore James and he does it with ease without bordering on mimicry. On the aforementioned, I Hear Ya Callin Fletts vocals soar over the top of an acoustic-fied Kenny Wayne Shepherd solo. Fletts love for Texas-style blues is demonstrated perfectly on the lone acoustic reworking of Freddie Kings Hideaway. The autobiographical album title track and Mamas Kitchen are obvious very intimate personal looks into Fletts own life and dont sound dull or too folky not to please a blues crowd. The acoustic blues-rock of Run To the Levee is a personal favorite and shows that when blues-rock is done right, it can make even a die-hard traditionalist perk up their ears and enjoy themselves. Flett also rollicks through Leadbellys Linin Track and doesnt give the over-produced feel that Aerosmiths reworking Hangmans Jury gave to the song, but instead traces back to the roots of the song and arranges it from there. Flett doesnt try to be something hes not or stray from his roots, either.
Fletts continued touring and working with Shepherd along with the strong songwriting and musicianship that goes along with playing anything for 36 years has paid off for Flett and as the comfort level and confidence displayed here, he doesnt make it sound like its success thats come too late.

Mississippi Sea

понедельник, 5 февраля 2018 г.

Buddy Flett - Rough Edges

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2013
Time: 51:27
Size: 118,5 MB
Label: Honey Bee Records
Styles: Blues/Delta Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Train - 4:05
 2. Third House On The Left - 4:35
 3. Honky Tonk - 4:46
 4. Teneha - 4:36
 5. Born In Mississippi (Mr. Hubert) - 5:27
 6. First You Cry - 4:18
 7. Good To Ya Baby - 5:32
 8. Dance For Me - 3:03
 9. Lil Martha - 3:55
10. Nothin Easy - 3:35
11. Bad Luck & Trouble - 5:11
12. Sylvie - 2:18

It's all in a name. Some names and occupations just go together, especially in sports. Harmon Killebrew, Orlando Cepeda, and Catfish Hunter are all baseball names. Blues musicians have similar iconic names. The Ur-Blues has Eddie "Son" House, Nehemiah "Skip" James, Tommy Johnson, and Charlie Patton. The generation after has Muddy Waters (McKinley Morganfield), Howlin' Wolf (Chester Burnett) and Elmore James. Today, we have Joe Bonamassa, Ronnie Earl, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Add to this latter group the Southern-fried, bona fide name of Shreveport-native Buddy Flett. He emerges as a compelling answer to Delbert McClinton and Roy G. Rogers, perhaps more authentic with his feet firmly planted in the musical myth of northwest Louisiana.
Flett appeared on digital media in as part of the journeyman Louisiana band The Bluebirds, led by his brother, Bruce and himself. Flett struck out solo with his recording Mississippi Sea (Out of The Past, 2007), a perfectly serviceable acoustic/electric blues outing that rang truer than the majority of similar recordings of the surrounding period. What Mississippi Sea revealed was Flett's modest but compelling guitar skills, a superb writing facility, and, above all, a blues voice full of Dixie dirt and grace.
In 2007, while on a blues cruise with mentor Hubert Sumlin, Flett contracted a viral encephalitis requiring a medically- induced coma and a month in the hospital followed by extensive rehabilitation. What appears in Rough Edges, is first recording since recovery, is a Buddy Flett transformed by the experience. What began with a competent and capable blues musician on Mississippi Sea emerges a fully formed artist (from the liner notes), one where a superior blues voice passes into the sublime.
All twelve selections on Rough Edges were recorded live in various small venues in Little Rock, AR, Shreveport, LA, and Waterman, MS. Since his recovery, Flett has remained close to home, but that should not be for long. This is a talent not to remain beneath a basket. These songs, save one, have Flett playing guitar while keeping the beat on a bass drum, making him a light- traveling minstrel in the truest sense. The is no flash here, only honest, sometimes corrosive music making of an intensity and white- hot nature that the listen can expect a sunburn is too close.
Flett favors open-tuned slide guitar playing for sure, but incorporates derivations such as his percussive "Train" and a most beautifully and strangely transformed "Lil Martha" (Duane Allman) on record. Flett does not require roman-candle guitar technique. He uses his conservative and informed talent to seek out only what is necessary in his play to convey his blues universe. Buddy Flett is brand new fresh air in a genre long locked in reverent worship and stagnant strict constructionism. A superb recording by any measure.
Personnel: Buddy Flett: guitar, vocals, bass drum; Brady Blade: drums (5); Chris Michaels: bass (5); Billy Gibson: harmonica (8).

Rough Edges

Max Meazza & Pueblo - In Cold Blood

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2014
Time: 44:40
Size: 102,4 MB
Label: Time Blues
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Bad Rain - 3:18
 2. Jimmy Valentine Blues - 5:48
 3. Burning Fire - 4:50
 4. In Cold Blood - 4:41
 5. Black and White Generation (feat. Tony O'Malley & Frank Collins) - 5:29
 6. Bluesman - 2:25
 7. Bottle of  J & B - 3:52
 8. Live Fast Die Young - 3:30
 9. Mama's Right - 6:00
10. Good Man Down - 4:38

After "Race Against Destiny" featuring the australian guitar hero Rob Tognoni who played in Europe with Max now the brand new album featuring Tony O'Malley ( Arrival,Kokomo,10 CC) and Frank Collins ( Bryan Ferry, Bob Dylan)/
Max Meazza
His first record experience started with a productions company called Strum as one of the three members of the band Pueblo. His first musical audition took place at the Apple, in Savile Row, in London.
Later on they obtained their first contract with Polygram, the band recorded their first single, Mariposa, on Polydor label with LaBionda Bros.' production.
The song met with public and critic success . An album,bearing the name of the band and published by Polydor and Ariola ,soon followed. Max wrote about three quarters of the band's music and words.in that period the Pueblo played with Le Orme touring Italy and soon afterwards they published Song girl another single. Later on they recorded their last single Long knife Jackson . Afterwards Max felt the need of continuing on his own and he set about his work. The Pueblo broke up while Max went to Munich in order to record a single still published by Ariola produced by LaBionda. However Max's ideas diverged from his producers,so he decided to realize his first solo album which was published by Appaloosa with the title Shaving the car.
The following year with the collaboration of the american singer Skip Battin (Byrds,New Riders of Purple Sage and Flying Burrito Brothers), Max himself produced a new album Personal exile. In October 1984 his third album, entitled Better late than never came out. Two years later the album Nightime call was published, with many jazz artists like Tiziana Ghiglioni, Paolo Fresu, the first with the label Solid Air. More than three years went by before a new work, entitled Only angels have wings, published by Solid Air as a cd only. It contains 15 songs including his best hits besides some new songs and umpublished versions. In the end of 1993, Solid Air published his new album (cd only) entitled Summer of 71. During 1999 he recorded a new work, after so many years, with Pueblo called The Big Thunder (Solid Air/I.R.D.).
A new album came out in 2000 titled Fundamental, a collection with two new songs.
The next year follows a mini cd called " Unplugged recordings" with four songs recorded live in studio in 1985 At the end of 2006 Desolation Angels publish a new cd called " West Coast Hotel". The album has a warm welcome in Usa and Japan. Max with the help with the friend guitarist Lucio Bardi (Francesco De Gregori) is back on the stage again playing live with a new band.
During the 2009 Universal publish on cd the remastered songs recorded by Pueblo for the Polydor label including the original L.P. "Pueblo" and the singles like "Mariposa" , "Song Girl", "Long Knife Jackson". A new cd comes out in 2010 "Race Against Destiny" by the name of Max Meazza & Pueblo featuring the australian rock blues guitar hero Rob Tognoni in the cover of "Down and Dirty" and the jazz guitarist Gigi Cifarelli on " Solid Air" written by John Martyn.

In Cold Blood

среда, 31 января 2018 г.

Greydog - Midlife Crisis

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1999
Time: 41:59
Size: 96,2 MB
Label: Babyboomer Records
Styles: Classic Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. It Ain't Easy Being Me - 3:36
 2. Carry on - 3:56
 3. Freefall - 3:28
 4. Gimme Gimme Lovin' - 4:24
 5. The Harder You Fall - 3:07
 6. One More Little Demon - 5:53
 7. Midlife Crisis - 4:17
 8. Old Grey Dog - 4:15
 9. Ridin' on This Train - 4:58
10. Starting Over - 3:58

A unique mix of classic rock with a blues attitude/Greydog is made up of former capitol staff songwriters, Bob Seger and Strawberry alarmclock band members.
If you're hungry for original rock with a 60's and 70's flavor, this disc is for you.

Midlife Crisis

среда, 24 января 2018 г.

Rick Springfield - The Snake King

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 53:34
Size: 123,0 MB
Label:Frontiers Records
Styles: Rock/Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. In the Land of the Blind -  4:51
 2. The Devil That You Know -  3:02
 3. Little Demon (Parts 1 And 2) -  5:21
 4. Judas Tree -  3:21
 5. Jesus Was an Atheist -  3:14
 6. The Snake King -  3:46
 7. God Don't Care -  4:59
 8. The Voodoo House -  4:45
 9. Suicide Manifesto -  2:18
10. Blues for the Disillusioned -  5:40
11. Santa Is an Anagram -  2:05
12. Orpheus In The Underworld - 10:07

The Snake King is the brand new album from Rick Springfield and finds Rick traveling down a dusty dirt road exploring the blues!

The Snake King

вторник, 23 января 2018 г.

Vince Vallicelli Band - New Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2004
Time: 54:11
Size: 124,5 MB
Label: NLM
Styles: Jazzy Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. New Blues - 4:38
 2. Watermelon Man - 8:27
 3. Night Train - 7:47
 4. Whisky And Women - 9:41
 5. I Got the Feeling - 6:59
 6. Lowrider on the Boulevard - 8:59
 7. Are Are - 7:37

ENZO VALLICELLI in arte "VINCE" nasce a Forlì nel 1951; il suo percorso musicale inizia all'età di quindici anni, quando l'attenzione per il ritmo lo distoglie da ogni altro interesse, ed è così forte da fargli intraprendere una ricerca ed uno studio approfondito. Decide di iscriversi al conservatorio di Pesaro "Gioacchino Rossini", frequentando il corso di percussioni, e presto scaturiscono in lui il desiderio e l'impulso di comunicare attraverso il linguaggio ritmico, formando così il suo primo gruppo; il "SECOLO 2000" continuando a suonare la batteria come autodidatta. Le sue esperienze si moltiplicano e si intrecciano al punto da trasformare una grande passione in una vera e propria professione e in uno stile di vita.
Nel 1972 l'incontro con Elio D'Anna, Corrado e Danilo Rustici lo porta direttamente a Londra dove incidono al Trident Studio's un LP firmato "UNO", seguito da una lunga tuornèe in Italia. Questa esperienza rappresenta la prima tappa importante della sua carriera musicale, e si comincia a delineare un profilo artistico caratterizzato da una forte personalità, un temperamento estroverso e trainante, capace di coinvolgere musicisti dotati di grande feeling. Viene considerato in gergo tecnico "Motore Inarrestabile", anche se nelle sue performance non mancano accenti di creatività, e si accredita un riconoscimento nell'Enciclopedia Italiana del Rock ( Arcana Editrice ). La sua attività prosegue successivamente dal 1980 al 1984 nelle tournèe di cantautori italiani ( Nannini, Finardi, Bertoli, Solfrini ) e fra le pareti ovattate delle sale d'incisione. Ma l'ambiente che più gli si addice è il palcoscenico, il contatto diretto con il pubblico dei clubs e dei festivals che riesce a percepire l'energia e le emozioni sprigionate da un concerto. Guidato da uno spirito intraprendente continua ad esplorare nuovi temi e nuovi linguaggi musicali ( Jazz-Swing-Blues-Zaydeco ) al fianco di musicisti di talento che lo portano a raffinare la sua tecnica virtuosa e a personalizzare il suo stile, ma l'incontro determinante avviene nel 1988 con l'armonicista Andy J. Forest che gli fa da Cicerone sulla strada del Blues. Insieme per tre anni fanno molti concerti ed incidono due CD: "Grooverockbluesfunk'roll" e "Shuffle City" (live at Montreux Jazz Festival 1989). Il panorama musicale si allarga, ma la strada da seguire è sempre una sola; le dodici battute non richiedono più una tecnica straordinaria e dirompente, ma l'equilibrio fra questa e lo stato d'animo con cui si emette ogni colpo di bacchetta o di spazzola ovvero il "Groove". Continuano gli innumerevoli concerti live al fianco di cantanti che spaziano tra il Soul, il Blues, il Rhytm & Blues, come Shirley King ( figlia di B.B.King ) , Karen e Jeanne Carrol, Angela Brown, Zora Young, Cheryl Porter, Ginger Brew, Crystal White, Kay Foster Jackson,Harriet Lewis.
Tre anni di attività con la Rudy Rotta Band (1990-1993) lo portano sulla scena europea del blues, ottenendo ottimi apprezzamenti e permettendogli di suonare con personaggi del calibro di: Luther Allison (purtroppo scomparso recentemente), Sugar Blue (Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa), Lovie Lee (pianista di Muddy Waters), Carey Bell (armonicista di Muddy Waters), Billy Gregory (It's a beatiful day). A questo punto della sua esperienza Vince decide di formare una propria Band, la "Vince Vallicelli Band" per non essere solo un batterista, ma un musicista, protagonista della propria espressione musicale e del proprio stile. Dopo un ritorno dagli States, e più precisamente Austin (Texas) e New Orleans (Louisiana) ecco apparire sul mercato due CD eccellenti: "Chicken Gumbo" col chitarrista americano Billy Gregory, e "Tot loh doon Faruyè" col cantante saxofonista James Thompson. Recentemente è uscito "New Blues", prodotto da G.G. King fondatore della NLM Records. Un percorso di tante bacchette spezzate e pelli consumate, un collage di esperienze più o meno facili, l'intenzione di proseguire il percorso come leader, Vince lo dimostra proponendo una Band tra le più qualificate della sfera Blues italiana.
E' stato inoltre premiato come miglior batterista blues italiano nel sondaggio fatto da www.bluesandblues.it nel 2002.
Vince è endorser dei piatti UFIP, delle batterie TAMBURO, dei rullanti GEMINIANI e STROMBERG, e delle bacchette ROLL, ed è spesso seguito dalle principali testate del settore musicale con recensioni articoli e interviste.

New Blues

понедельник, 22 января 2018 г.

Sean Webster - If Only

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2005
Time: 44:58
Size: 103,2 MB
Label: Blues Matters Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Hero - 3:50
 2. Mama - 4:35
 3. Hurting So Bad - 3:44
 4. Been Lonely Too Long - 3:44
 5. Missing You - 4:04
 6. The One - 3:00
 7. So Rare - 6:40
 8. Since We've Been Over - 3:40
 9. Music - 5:00
10. Lie To Me - 6:36

Sean Webster is een inspirerende gitarist en zanger met een grote reputatie in de Britse blues en bluesrock scene. Sinds de oprichting van zijn eigen band in 2003 is het wel een komen en gaan geweest van muzikanten. In 2004 bracht Sean zijn debuut album ‘Coming Long Time’ uit. Het album werd vooral in de UK heel goed onthaald en dat opende de deuren voor een platencontract. Het voorname Britse muziek magazine Blues Matters omschreef ‘Coming Long Time’ als een echte parel.Vooral het fijne gitaarwerk van Sean, dat een combinatie is van vele invloedrijke gitaristen werd bejubeld. De muzikale invloeden komen vooral van Mark Knopfler, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton en Albert Collins. Nog een andere troef is het sexy, laag en rijk stem geluid van Webster. In 2005 deed de band veel optredens in de UK en stond de band ook op het hoofdpodium van verschillende grote Britse festivals zoals het R & B Festival in Colne, het Burnley Festival en Maryport Festival. In 2005 verscheen dan het tweede album van Sean dat als titel ‘If Only’ meekreeg. Met dit meer op blues gericht album bereikte Webster een breder en jonger publiek, wat hem nog populairder maakte. Tony Edser, redacteur van het officiele Eric Clapton tijdschrift, Where’s Eric, schreef in dat tijdschrift dat Sean Webster de man was om in het oog te houden. Er was dat jaar ook het gerucht dat Sean als gitarist mee zou mogen op tournee in de Eric Clapton Band. Spijtig voor Webster werd Robert Cray verkozen en werd hij tweede keus. Sean Webster tourde nadien nog veelvuldig in Amerika en Europa en er volgden nog een paar albums zoals de dubbele cd ‘Live & In Session’ en ‘The First 10 Years’. Daarna trok Sean met zijn gezin voor enkele jaren naar Australie, om daarna terug te keren naar het Verenigd koninkrijk om zich volledig toe te leggen op zijn muzikale carriere.

If Only